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Welcome to the New Adventures Blog

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any upgrades to my websites. This one is long overdue. The Adventures of Isabelle now has it’s own domain,, with a separate section for my portfolio. It took me quite a while to decide how the site ought to be laid out, but given that viewing artwork and reading a blog are rather different experiences, I decided to separate completely the photoblog/portfolio aspect from the writing and musing about art aspect. I hope I’ve made it easily navigable.

I have done little to showcase my artwork in the past few years, as I’ve spent most of my free time writing for The Generalist, a blog about philosophy, politics, ethics, and everything else – essentially, anything I have a strong opinion on. Here, instead, I intend to write about topics pertinent to art specifically. Of course, art has it’s political and philosophical aspects, and I imagine I will write a lot about those, but there are other topics, more practical, that I will likely want to address – things like how to get better, different techniques, ideas for studies, and the like.

I have a lot of thinking to do now on what my first topics will be. For now, check out my portfolio and my writings at The Generalist. Perhaps there will be something for you to appreciate. Enjoy!

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