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I accept commissions for digital artworks to be printed as giclées.

My work begins with photography, so if you are interested in an animal portrait please remember that your pet must be calm enough in the presence of a stranger to be photographed. A full commission, that is, including a photo session, is $1500 plus the cost of travel and shipping if any is necessary. If you live in or near Northern New Jersey I will come to you to photograph your pet and deliver your print at no additional cost. A single print up to 36 inches by 24 inches is included in the price. Additional prints are $250 up to the edition limit. You may set the edition limit if you like, otherwise I generally limit it to no more than 10 prints. I do not sell prints of your pet in my store unless you specifically permit it. If you agree to allow me to sell an edition of your pet, I will give you 25% off the commission price. I reserve the right to keep an artist’s proof in my personal collection. All work is signed, digitally on the front of the image, and in archival ink on the back. All commissions include a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the title of the work (usually your pet’s name), the date, details about the printing, and the edition limit and is signed by me.

Commissions where I work digitally on your existing photograph are $550. That price includes a print, however, the size of the print depends upon the quality of your photograph. Photographs should be high quality with lots of detail and in a digital format. If you’re not sure, I will evaluate the photo for you. Just email me.

If you are interested in my work for an album cover, book cover, or other commercial work, please email me with your request.

Still have questions? Please read my FAQ.

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    hi, saw your feline art in starbucks and immediately loved it! you’re a very good artist! great work.

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    Hi J,

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback! 🙂

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